Olive Juice Films is a boutique production company in Brooklyn, New York.  We deliver high-quality video content for big brands, startups, and independent filmmakers.

This is a full-service production company ready to take your project from concept to delivery.


Olive Juice Films is a proud partner for the

Big Vision Empty Wallet Diversity Incentive

Email info@olivejuicefilms.com to learn more.


Our content marketing team works with content creators and creative producers to build an audience and create revenue streams for projects across genres and formats. Through best practices spanning social media, audience engagement, and SEO campaigns, we deliver trackable metrics and package projects for brands, distribution platforms, and direct-to-fan sales.

We occasionally join creative ventures as Producers of Marketing and Distribution, working from the earliest stages of pre-production to create assets throughout a project’s production cycle that lays the groundwork for monetization that will carry through a project’s release.

Olive Juice Digital is a branded content and marketing service provider that creates and executes a strategy for your business, regardless of its sector, so that you can create a name for yourself while we create a niche for your content.

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